Elimisha Msicahana Elimisha Jamii na Astronomia


Started in 2019, we reached over 800 primary schoolgirls across 10 public primary schools in Kitale, Kenya. 

227 Girls were 2019 KCPE Candidates.

A follow up in Jan-2020 indicated that 201/227 girls were enrolling in Secondary schools. A few of them had not joined due lack of school fees

In December 2020, this programme was awarded EUR9,000 grant by the Office of Astronomy for Development an office of the International Astronomical Union. This grant is to implement the Elimisha Msichana Elimisha Jamii na Astronomia (swahili for 'Educate a Girl educate the entire community with Astronomy').

Astro-STEM Workshops & Mentorship

Use Astronomy as a tool to encourage more girls in high school to pick up STEM oriented subjects, especially Physics.

This programme is aimed for girls in Form 1 & 2 across four secondary schools in Kitale: Noigam, St.Peters, Osorongai & Kipkeikei.

Outreach & Mentorship Scheme

This programme is aimed for school girls in their final year of primary education (KCPE Candidates), their parents, teachers and other school girls in lower classes.

The main objective of the mentorship scheme is to encourage the schoolgirls to enroll in secondary schools and to complete secondary education 4 years later.

The Outreach & Mentorship activities are followed by long term Tracking, Monitoring & Mentorship by our very dedicated Mentors. 

EMEJA Tuition Fees Scholarships

This is aimed for our Mentees who might not resume studies due to lack of school fees, especially in the midst of the current pandemic.


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