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Program Overview

Program Overview

Program Overview

Tracking and Monitoring Program

The tracking and monitoring program aims to ensure that all the schoolgirls (EMEJA Mentees) enrolled during the Outreach and Mentorship program transit to and successfully

complete secondary school.

Mentors track and monitor the progress of their mentees throughout

secondary school.

                 The tracking and monitoring data acts as a guide for areas of focus in subsequent Outreach and Mentorship sessions.

Program Impact

-Over 1000 girls in secondary schools tracked twice annually through phone calls and one-on-one meetings

  • 230 Mentees (class of 2019) [Now in Year 4]

  • 297 Mentees (class of 2020) [Now in Year 3]

  • 320 Mentees (class of 2022) [Now in Year1]

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